The CHA Architecture Experience

Building a career should be exciting, challenging and rewarding. We encourage collaboration and provide opportunities for our employees to develop their careers while enjoying their work environment. Our national reach paired with a local focus is what makes CHA Architecture one of the leading employers in the industry.

BenefitsBack to Top

CHA Architecture proudly offers a competitive benefits package and an environment which provides the flexibility to balance both professional and personal obligations. We provide a series of different incentives through our flexible schedules, health coverage, employee discounts, and more.

Paid Time Off and Flexible Work Schedules

We offer flexible schedules and competitive paid time off to support our employees' efforts to balance their careers and their personal lives.

  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Universal Time Off
  • Paid Holidays
  • Floating Holiday

We offer a variety of flexible plans to meet the many needs of our employees and their families.

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Plans
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Variety of Supplemental and Voluntary Benefits
Retirement and Savings

We help employees plan for retirement, college expenses and other tax-savings opportunities.

  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • 529 College Savings Plan
  • Flexible Benefits Plan
Wellness Programs

CHA Architecture has a strategic and unique approach on shaping health and management programs for the company. These programs and efforts support our staff’s overall health and wellness in a number of ways:

  • Medical coverage with a wide range of preventative services free of charge
  • Incentives to help encourage healthy behaviors
  • On-site seasonal flu shot clinics and reimbursement for outside flu shots
  • Year-round team and individual wellness challenges that promote increased activity and healthy habits
  • Support for CHA Architecture teams participating in healthy activities (i.e., runs, walks, adventure courses, etc.)
  • Increased awareness of wellness topics through online resources and internal programs
Focus on Improving Our Environment

We strive to be friendly to the environment by reducing our footprint throughout society on a national and regional level. We do so through a variety of initiatives, including a Mass Transit and RideShare Reimbursement Program.

Rewards & RecognitionBack to Top

We celebrate our employees’ accomplishments, whether it’s an individual’s effort or a team win on a project. We believe that motivation through recognition is a powerful tool for continuous improvement. By congratulating co-workers on a job well done or working together to achieve team goals, we continue to inspire and unify our employees. We recognize those employees who continuously demonstrate exceptional performance, reach important milestones, longevity, and recruit top talent through a variety of awards:

  • Spot Bonuses
  • Individual
  • Team
  • Service
  • Referral
  • Technical Article

Enhanced CommunicationBack to Top

We support open and honest two-way communication amongst our employees. Our most senior executives present quarterly updates to provide every employee with a firsthand account of current happenings and goals. At CHA Architecture, we are always seeking ways to improve our organization, which has led to the creation of the company-shaping program. This program gives employees the ability to suggest and analyze a new policy or procedural change within the company. We value the feedback we receive from staff by administering engagement surveys to new hires on a quarterly and annual basis in order to improve the overall morale of the organization. Also, we have an office sponsor program in which our senior leaders frequently visit our different offices to instill the company message and provide a forum for in-person feedback.

Staff EventsBack to Top

We provide opportunities for community outreach, sponsored lunch presentations, company-endorsed sports teams, and social events to allow employees to relax and build stronger relationships with one another.

Our offices offer their own unique events throughout the year, and we encourage new ideas and innovative ways for us to collaborate and socialize. Our employees also engage in outside-of-work events such as company picnics, holiday celebrations and sports leagues.

Engineers Week 2019 – Pastabilities Competition
Office Ping Pong
CHA Growth Challenge – Flower Measuring 

Community InvolvementBack to Top

We understand and appreciate the importance of educating and providing for our future generation of leaders. We have recently focused our charitable efforts on STEAM programs to support youth at an early age with the hope to inspire evolving young minds to obtain future interest in the industry. We accept both corporate and individual requests for donations related to supporting the STEAM program.

We are determined to become heavily involved in STEAM-driven programs both nationally and regionally. We believe this aspiration encourages our employees to invest their time participating in sponsorships, fundraisers and volunteer projects.

We look forward to continuously growing our community involvement, expanding our corporate giving efforts, and strengthening our relationships with well-known organizations that support the STEAM program. We are also heavily involved in local charitable walks, food drives, and other community efforts that are important to our employees.